7 Reasons to Use Linen

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All kinds of fabrics made of linen (flax plant) are always worth the price and are considered luxurious. Many 5 star hotels use linens as the first choice for materials of sheets, pillowcases, duvets and even napkin. Why people linen placed in the most valuable cloth position of the other type? Linen is made from flax fiber that has been planted for thousands of years, linen is also one of the oldest fabric in the world. We are Shop On-Linen, Bali linen shop that sells so many types of linen product.  There have been many generations before us who recognize and love the quality of this linen. What are the reasons people use linen?

Natural Fabrics

Linen is a natural fabric made of flax fiber. In treating flax trees farmers do not use pesticides because rainwater is enough to provide the water intake in its growth.

High Absorption Power

The advantages of this linen have been very often mentioned in many articles. This type of fabric has high absorption but remains dry and cool when we touch. Linen is even better in absorbency when compared with cotton. With these advantages, linen will be very suitable for use as a material of bed sheet.


Linen is much stronger than cotton, this makes the use of linen will be longer even for daily use such as bed sheets or towels. That will considerably reduce your budget to buy new sheet or towels.

Recommended for children.

It has a unique filtering system, which makes it very soft and cool when used. Many people say linen is an anti-bacterial fabric and can have a high ability to absorb moisture.


Wrinkles are characteristic of linen. This happens in linen because of the inelasticity of the linen fibers, but the wrinkles on the linen are one of the beauties of itself.


Linen is a strong fabric, its inelasticity actually has a positive effect on itself. Linen becomes durable, the more often washed in the right way then the linen will be softer. Unlike other types of fabrics.

Environmentally friendly

Flaxseed requires little water to grow and does not require additional fertilizers or pesticides to support its growth. The process of making linen is also far from chemicals when compared with cotton, which makes linen the most environmentally friendly fabric for now.