How To Keep Linen Stay Durable

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Linen is a fabric of flax yarn woven with the best quality. Every linen owner would want to keep his linen condition to stay good and can last for a long time. Shop on linen is one of bed linen Bali suppliers who provide quality linen in Bali. To keep the linen condition is good, here is a routine process that needs to be done:


Linen is a fabric that will become softer when washed, but that does not mean you can wash your linen in vain. If you use a washing machine, choose the softest or slowest washing option. The right water temperature for washing the linen is 40 ° Celsius. For white linens, you can use water with a temperature of 60 ° Celsius. When washing linen, you should make sure your linen is rinsed clean, and free of soap and detergent remnants. Correct rinsing becomes very important in washing the linen because the remaining soap or detergent can cause the stain of oxidation effect of the product on your linen. Make sure you use a low rotary option when washing linen, so as not to damage your linen.


Manually draining is the way that all linen production houses recommend for all customer. The purpose of manual drying is the linen that we have dried in the open air and winded so that it can dry naturally. This drying process can also retain typical linen features that are tangled on the surface of the fabric. But what if you are a laundry business owner who has limited time in washing linen until ready to be ironed. You can use a dryer with a low temperature, and make sure you do not make your linens very dry. And remember to make sure you stretch your linen before being dried to avoid permanent tangles and shrinkage on your linen.


Statistically, the percentage of linen shrinkage is approximately 4-5% when dried manually or naturally. But the percentage will increase to 10-15% if you dry the linen on the dryer with a hot temperature. It can also cause permanent crease that can damage the linen and will certainly shorten the life of your linen. Therefore, make sure you straighten your linen before drying your linen.


Basically, a linen does not need to be ironed, because the tangled look is a characteristic of the linen itself. And many people love linen because of this characteristic. But if you are the type who likes neatness and want a linen with a neat look free tangle there is a trick to ironing the linen with ease. When the linen in drying process you can take your linen when in a humid state and immediately ironing them. Ironing the linen in a humid state will greatly simplify the ironing process in order to obtain smooth and tangle-free results.