How to Get the Best Quality Linen

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The quality of linen products is strongly influenced by plant conditions and flax harvesting techniques. Shop on linen is a Bali linen shop that is very concerned about the quality of the linen we sell. When we want to produce long fiber flax, they should be harvested by hand by pulling the whole plant or cutting the stalk of the tree near the root. Once we harvest them, the plants should be dried and seeds removed through the process of threshing and shelter.

Linen Making Process

After the process above the fiber must be loosened from the stem through the process of retting. Retting is the process of using bacteria to decompose pectin that binds fibers. Natural retreat methods are usually done in tanks, swimming pools or directly on fields. There is also a faster chemical retting process but this is harmful to the environment and its own fiber.

After the process of retting, the flax stalk is ready to be pulled. This process is usually done in August and December. The removal process will remove the wood from the stalk, this is done by crushing it between 2 metal rolls. From the process, the stalks will be removed. The fibers can be sorted while other parts such as flax seed can be set aside for other purposes. The separated fibers will be separated again between long fibers and short fibers for different purposes.

The separated fibers will usually be spun into yarn or knitted into linen textiles for further processing. Currently, we use linen in daily life, not only for the use of clothing but more widely for bed sheets, blankets, and even bath towels.

Use of Linen

Linen fabrics are the most preferred fabric for making paintings from oil paint. But in America its use is limited because of its expensive price, so only professional painters who use linen for painting media. In contrast to America, in Europe linen became the only fabric as a medium of paint provided in art shops. People in England sell linen and cotton freely. Cotton is sold at a cheaper price, but the linen remains the most preferred fabric because of its durability. In the past linen was also used as the only surviving example of this book is Liber Linteus.

Because of its linen strength, people in the Middle Ages used for shielding and bowstring, in addition, linen is also used as a body armor or known as linothorax. In Ireland linen is also used as a pool wrapper and billiards stick. Many countries use paper made of linen to print their currency because the paper made of linen can be very strong and tight. America itself uses linen paper to print the currency, the mixture of paper is 25% linen and 75% cotton.