Characteristics of Linen

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Linen is made of flax fiber. This fabric has varying lengths ranging from 25 to 150 mm with an average diameter of 12 to 16 micrometers. There are two variations of fiber types in commonly used linen, linen with short-line fibers and long line fibers. Fibers with shorter lines are commonly used for rough fabrics. While longer line fibers are used for finer fabrics. Flax fiber has a feature on their knots that can add flexibility and texture to the fabric. Shop on Linen is a Balinese linen house that provides soft linen for your bedding needs.

Linen fabric feels cool when we touch, this indicates if the linen has a high conductivity. The longer fiber lines make the fabric soft and fiber-free and become softer when washed. As we know Linen is a very durable and strong cloth even when wet. This can be proven by the softness of the linen when washed. The fiber on the linen is not stretched and is resistant to frictional damage to the fabric.

The weakness of Linen

Yet linen also has its weakness. Linen has a very bad elasticity. This will cause damage to the linen fiber if ironed and folded in the same place continuously. Cases like these are found in the collar. Collar always folded in the same place and it makes the linen thread break faster.

Mildew, sweat, and bleach very quickly damage the linen, therefore, linen should be routinely washed and stored properly. This type of fabric is very resistant to moths or insects. So you do not have to worry if you save a lot of linen. Discard also the thought of your linen being damaged by insects.

Linen treatment

Treatment of linen can be relatively easy to maintain because it is easy to clean from stains and dirt, linen also has no foul or hairy tendencies when washed or brushed. Linen has no special way of washing, they can be washed in any way, washed by machine, steam and dry-clean.

Due to the inelastic nature of the linen and the difficulty of ironing smoothly without tangles, people have a trick to ironing the linen. When the drying process after washing linen should not be made too dry because it will be difficult during the ironing process. Linen will be easily ironed and tidied in a humid state. Ironing the linen in a humid state will ease the ironing process for very fine results. For some people, the texture of tangles on the linen is a distinctive characteristic that it desires. It is currently a lot of designer clothing that is being used to be dried manually without having to be ironed first.

Characteristics of linen yarn are the presence of prominent slubs or small nodes found on linen fabric. Slubs used to be regarded as a defect in linen. Linen that has slubs is categorized as low-quality linen. However, current slubs on linen are considered as the main attraction of expensive natural products. In addition, the presence of slubs on linen does not reduce the quality and integrity of the fabric itself, therefore slubs are not currently considered defects.