The Advantages of Using Flat Sheet

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Nowadays flat sheet and fitted sheet have been used for the same purpose that is to cover up the bed and make us more comfortable during the sleep time. There is not much difference between this two type of sheets. We only need to select the advantage that we want to get between these two sheets. To know this type of sheet clearly you can see the type of flat sheet Bali that Shop On-Linen offer. Now we will explain the advantage that you will get if you use a flat sheet.

Easy to Fold

As we know bed sheet is a fabric that has a large size. Fold them neatly so it can be stored well in the wardrobe is such a pretty difficult task. But don’t worry flat sheet can give you that convenience. When ironing sheet you don’t need to adjust every curve on your sheets specifically. All you need to do is join each corner and fold the sheet symmetrically. Done, you can keep it in your closet neatly.

Make Your Beds More Beautiful

Currently, the sheet that offered usually a pair of pillow cases and duvet cover with matching themes and colors. By using that flat sheet, you can mix different color sheets with a duvet cover that you have. People today often do that to make their bed more beautiful.

Keep the freshness of your duvet longer

Long before fitted sheets are used, flat sheets are already used and combined with blankets. This is done by installing 2 layers of the sheet. The first layer function to protect your body from the bed mattress. And the second layer function is to protect blanket or duvet cover from your body. So you can use it longer and don’t need to wash your duvet too often.

Increase Warmth During Winter

In a country that has winter, using layered flat sheets is an advantage. With thicker layers of sheet, you will surely get warm when you are in bed.

More Flexible

Flat sheets are not fixed on the size of the bed. They can be used on mattresses of varying sizes. As long as the size of the flat sheet is larger than the bed size. Unlike fitted sheet that will create a tangled impression if it used on the bed size that not fit with the sheet size. By using a flat sheet, can make your bed neat even if you use the sheet in the different size of the bed. That will be work if the sheet larger than the bed size.